Company Overview

Wings Travels & Tours, over three decades has made an indelible mark in the travel and tourism sector with its remarkable focus on understanding every client on a personal level. Today, our steady list of clientele has grown into a virtual who’s who spanning a wide spectrum of professionals, celebrities, businessmen and corporates .

Wings specializes in end to end travel solutions and caters to both domestic and international, from first timers to seasoned globetrotters, from lavish world locations and luxury cruises to business and corporate travel, from experiential holidays like pilgrimage to adventure tours, from wildlife safaris to culinary experiences. for us at Wings, travel is an art. Our people have been trained to understand every nuance of each destination—right from the geographical location, and its political state,to its language, its currency, the climate, the local cuisine, the modes of transport, the landmarks, and the people.

Come to Wings Travels. Even Marco Polo would approve of our approach !

Vasuki Sundaram

Founder CEO

When Vasuki Sundaram ventured into the travel industry, she set upon herself the task of a personalized and holistic approach to travel. While most were satisfied with just ticketing, Vasuki became a one stop destination for everything in travel. To achieve excellence, she travelled to every destination and studied it completely before offering the packages to her clients because she is a pioneer. Vasuki is one of the rare few who realized that travel or a holiday is not just a break from the monotony of everyday work and life –  it was much much more; it was a means to explore, to assimilate, to gain, to rejuvenate and come back with memories indelibly etched!

Bharathi Kumar


The dictum, ‘God is in the details’best summarises Bharathi, who is in charge of Administration. With over ten years of experience, she has transformed the nitty-gritty of travel into an enjoyable experience, be it the tedium of documentation or the process of immigration to a first time traveller or the details of connecting flights and trains. With a dedicated team under her, every last minute detail is taken care of.

Sumathi Shankarraman


Experience as an ICICI Branch Manager with credentials in Finance and Marketing makes Sumathi the perfect complement to the core management team. Bringing in the ICICI ‘technology prowess’, Sumathi ensures the smooth transition of every operation to be ‘tech compliant and tech friendly’ not only to her staff, but more importantly to her clients and customers. Sumathi’s knowledge and experience in insurance, foreign exchange is a resource most tap into.

The ‘all-in-one’ services on call !

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