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Turkey is the cradle of cultures and civilizations connecting Europe and Asia and capital of civilizations for centuries. Since the beginning of history, Anatolia, well known as one the earliest settlements, has continued to flourish with the migration of various tribes, and accumulated a large cultural heritage through a line of succeeding empires and civilizations. Many empires ranging from the Sumerians to the Hittites, the Lydians to the Byzantines and the Seljuks to the Ottomans have once thrived within the borders of Turkey.

Located at the mid-point of the European, Asian and African continents, Turkey has a varied geography rich in mountains, plains, caves, seas and many other natural formations and beauties. All types of sports activities and more specifically outdoor sports can be done amidst a breathtaking nature providing both for adrenaline and entertainment.

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey . Istanbul's strategic position along the historic Silk Route rail networks to Europe and the Middle East, and the only sea route between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean have made Istanbul one of the hottest tourist destination in the world. Last year more than 11 million tourists visited Turkey.Instanbul is one of the few cities in the world which has an eclectical mix of heritage, tradition and modernity. You’ll find centuries-old mosques, churches and markets happily co-existing with modern restaurants, galleries and nightclubs. Famous for the traditional Turkish bath and pita bread with hummus, tourists just go gaga over the rich experience they get to enjoy. Visit to the market place for shopping is a treat for people who are shopping for traditional items, art d’ facts. Istanbul offers a wealth of historic and religious places to take in. The bulk of these ancient monuments, dating back to Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman periods, including the Hagia Sophia, Topkapı Palace, Sultanahmet Mosque (Blue Mosque), and Basilica Cistern.

One of the most precious and diverse treasures of Turkey is, of course, the Turkish cuisine. The variety offered by this magnificent heritage of flavors which evolved over the centuries with the blending of the culinary cultures of many communities and civilizations is limitless. Thousands of unique delicacies and specialties ranging from meat dishes to cold dishes with olive oil, from sorbets to spices are waiting to be served to guests from all over the world. Add to that copious mix of varied entetainment like lively folk dances and songs, traditional and modern music, theatre and you have a holiday you will cherish for time immorable.

Thanks to its geographical position located at the meeting point of three continents, Turkey is well connected with more than 200 direct flights to various destinations in the world and connecting flights to all other destinations around the globe.

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